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HELLO! My name is Tieggan Rouleau and I am the owner of Starched Denim Designs. I've always had a creative side since I was a little girl, and my passion for the western industry was instilled in me at a young age. I grew up with horses and found myself riding and roping through out high school and into my post secondary schooling. When choosing what career path to take I wanted to keep my creative streak alive while also investing my time into a viable option that would flourish in today's society. I studied at the University of Lethbridge and completed my degree in Marketing. In my final year of university I was lucky enough to take a job with C5 Rodeo as their Marketing Coordinator and spent the next four years as their in house digital media designer. My other duties included all social media content management which comprised of 3+ accounts, as well as building multiple websites for business pages and events. 

Moving forward in my career I would like to take on more western industry work and focus in on untapped markets where digital media and marketing expertise would flourish in; this is how Starched Denim Designs came to be. 

What is Starched Denim Designs?

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I'm glad you asked!

Starched Denim Designs is a one stop shop for all things marketing.

Here at Starched Denim Designs I am capable and prepared to give you the best media/marketing experience around. 

The Western industry is constantly expanding and it can be easy for many to get swallowed up by this ever changing pace. 

This is where I am here to help! As you may have read above my passion has been on the rodeo side of the western life, and I am lucky to have been exposed to so many great opportunities because of it; it has also opened me up to a market that is mostly untapped! 


That market is the advertising of your livestock, marketing of your western productions, & the exposure to your product/service. These three elements in the western industry have yet to take its marketing potential to a grander scale; I am here to help do just that. 

Starched Denim Designs specializes in creating eye catching media to help promote, sell or attract your target customers. I am in the business of getting you business. 

*Need to sell a horse?

Starched Denim Designs will create an eye catching poster with all the right information to get your animal sold. Print it, post it, or do whatever you wish with it! A remarkable poster will catch a buyers eye and could be the difference in making a sale. Starched Denim Designs also offers video editing! No need to try and get everything in one sitting, send me your videos and I will condense it into a short, informative and appealing clip that will keep viewers interested and enlightened.

*Want to host an event?

Starched Denim Designs would be happy to aid you in creating an innovative design campaign that'll catch readers attention and have them booking your event in their calendars in no time. Not only that, but I will create an informative social media platform that can answer questions and keep your customers up to date.

*These are just a few examples of what Starched Denim Design has to offer you! Please feel free to inquire on any other projects you have in mind on my Contact page! 

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